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B2B Webshop voor Professionals
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Official Balfegó Distributor

Upcoming Events 2024 -> Chef Balfegó Competition Benelux & Kaitai Show -> Register now

Privacy Policy

1. Definitions a. B&B: the private company under the law of the Netherlands B&B SEAFOOD, with registered office at Ambachtsweg 10, 4691 SC Tholen, the Netherlands, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 6900 8256, with VAT number NL857689265B01, with e-mail address: [email protected] and with telephone number: +31 85 0207885 b. Website: www.fredimare.com including all sub-pages c. Customer: any company who uses the B&B Website or otherwise makes use of it our activities d. Cookies: small text files that are placed on the hard drive of a computer the moment someone visits a website via that computer.

2. General a. B&B attaches great importance to the privacy and personal data of its Customers. This privacy policy indicates which measures B&B takes to protect the privacy of its Customers protection and what rights they can assert in this regard. b. By using our Website or otherwise relying on our activities, the Customer agrees with this privacy policy and, consequently, with the manner in which the Customer's data will be processed as explained below. c. Since this privacy policy can always be changed in the future, it is up to you recommend that the Customer regularly consults the privacy policy for any changes to be able to take note.

3. Processing of personal data a. B&B can store the data of its Customers, such as contact details (name, address, phone number and email address) and personal information (gender and date of birth) questions for the reasons stated in this article. B&B collects this data different ways. B&B does not only process the data that the Customer specifically provides has communicated. Certain data is also processed automatically. Our web server recognizes, for example, automatically and each time the Customer accesses the Website B&B visits, the IP address and/or domain name of the Customer. b. The personal data enable B&B to carry out its activities in respect of from the customer. These activities mainly consist of the trading of fresh and frozen seafood and related products. The data makes it possible for B&B to use its Website and its activities can continuously improve and adapt to the needs of the Client. In this B&B reserves in particular the right to delete the personal data use for market research and customer satisfaction purposes or for the further development of its business, if necessary, in relation to third parties. c. Furthermore, the personal data offers B&B the possibility to send newsletters and other send marketing information about new products, promotions, etc. to the Customer, electronically or by post. d. If the Customer does not wish to receive any further publicity, he can sent a mail to [email protected]

4. Grounds on which the data is processed a. The Customer's personal data is processed on the following grounds: - consent to the data processing by using our Website or otherwise rely on our activities - the contractual relationship that arises between B&B and the Customer as a result of the placement of an order by the Customer b. The consent is free and can be withdrawn at any time, but insofar as the Customer opposes the processing of his personal data, he can not use use of the Website, nor otherwise rely on our activities.

5. Transfer of personal data a. B&B reserves the right to provide goods or services to the Customer to transfer his personal data to third parties. b. The personal data will not be transferred to organizations outside the European Union. c. B&B can, subject to explicit permission from the Customer, pass on the personal data to other companies that offer services or products that the Customer could to interest. The Customer has the right to oppose this at all times.

6. Data Retention Period a. The Customer's personal data will be processed for as long as necessary or useful is in view of the activities of B&B, or at least for as long as applicable legislation would require. b. In principle, the Customer's data will be processed for a period of [seven] years. c. When the personal data in accordance with the foregoing no longer becomes processed, B&B can use them anonymously for internal purposes reports and analyses.

7. Security and Confidentiality a. B&B takes all reasonable and necessary steps and has the usual security procedures aimed at preventing any loss, misuse or alteration of the personal information.

8. The controller a. The party responsible for the processing of personal data is B&B. b. The Customer can contact B&B at: [email protected] or, by telephone, at the number +31 85 0207885.

9. Right of access, correction, deletion, opposition and portability a. The Customer has the right, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation to access, correction, deletion, opposition to processing and the right to portability regarding its personal data. b. The Customer can invoke these rights, either by e-mail to B&B or via his account information on the Website. c. The Customer can unsubscribe from the newsletter or other marketing information from B&B by clicking on the link provided in each of those messages and also in Article 3.d of this privacy policy is included. If the Customer is with different e-mail addresses registered for the publicity, he must register for each of these email addresses to be issued separately.

10. Cookies a. Using the Website may result in Cookies being sent to the Customer's computer. These Cookies simplify and improve the user experience our website. The Customer can disable the receipt of Cookies, but it would make it more difficult or prevent the use of the Website. b. B&B uses the following types of Cookies: i. Essential Cookies: These Cookies are necessary for the Customer to use the Website navigate and use the functionalities (such as the order basket and your privacy settings). ii. Functional Cookies: these Cookies facilitate the functioning of the Website and provide a personalized browsing experience by, for example remember login names, passwords and preferences. iii. Analytical Cookies: These Cookies collect data about the use of the Website, such as the number of visitors or which web pages are popular. On base B&B can optimize the Website and the user experience from this and personalize. B&B uses third-party cookies for this purpose, in particular:

1. Google Analytics: these Cookies collect encrypted and anonymous data about the use of our Website and compiling visitor statistics. Learn more about how Google your data can be found at: https://www.google.com/intl/nl/policies/privacy/partners/.

e. The Customer can at any time through his browser settings (usually under "Help" or "Internet Options") disable or delete all installed Cookies from his computer. Each type of browser has its own settings for managing Cookies. The specific information can be found on the website of the browser you are using.

11. Data Protection Authority a. For additional information or for any complaints regarding the processing of his personal data, the Customer can turn to the Data Protection Authority.


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